Straight Talk Wireless introduces new touch-screen phone.

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The theme of this site is, of course, “The Best Prepaid Cell Phones.” I’ve intentionally left that open to include both phone plans as well as the actual devices. There’s been a new development recently in terms of the best devices of the prepaid phone world.

Picture of Samsung Finesse r810c from Straight Talk

Picture of Samsung Finesse r810c from Straight Talk

Straight Talk has introduced a new touch-screen phone that certainly qualifies as “high-end” in the prepaid market, at least in terms of price. The Samsung Finesse r810c is being sold by Straight Talk for $329. At that price, consumers have great expectations, and rightfully so.

Unfortunately, in many cases those expectations won’t be met. I’ve written a full, very detailed review of the Finesse, and set up a separate site to host that review: Samsung Finesse r810c review site.

I think many people will find greater value with one of the lower-priced Straight Talk handsets. The Finesse might be worthwhile for some though, so check out the full review here if your interested.

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  1. Comment by Pat Yoe — January 30, 2010 @ 4:24 pm

    I have Straight Talk on the Verizon network. Bought it at Walmart and it’s an amazing deal. The Samsung Finesse is a very cool smartphone and paying only $45 a month for unlimited everything is the best deal going!

    Who needs an iPhone? LOL!!

  2. Comment by Big Red — March 1, 2010 @ 12:59 pm

    The touch screen is great! I recently purchased my samsung and have the unlimited everything plan for only $45 a month. Really, for the price and no contract, you CANNOT go wrong. On top of it, Stragiht Talk utilizes the Verizon network and has excellent coverage and reception everywhere I go. Really, for the price it cannot be beat.

  3. Comment by Tori — March 17, 2010 @ 6:45 am

    I used them for a little while but I’ve actually found that because I use my phone very little, I am much better off with another prepaid like NET10. I can keep my monthly spending to as low as $15 with NET10. No use paying more if I don’t need more, is there?

  4. Comment by pbushx2 — March 19, 2010 @ 11:54 pm

    That’s exactly right Tori – the best deal means getting the best price on exactly the amount of minutes you use each month. And minutes that you’ll never use are not a good deal, no matter how “cheap” those minutes might be.

  5. Comment by Bruce — May 19, 2010 @ 12:14 pm

    That’s exactly right Tori – the best deal means getting the best price on exactly the amount of minutes you use each month. And minutes that you’ll never use are not a good deal, no matter how “cheap” those minutes might be.

  6. Comment by David — June 14, 2010 @ 8:41 am

    Straight talk is awesome ive had it for @ years and no complaints:)

  7. Comment by HeartBreaker — June 30, 2010 @ 5:07 pm

    I’ve heard alot of good things about Straight Talk, but I will always be a devoted Net10 customer. The switch from my contracted plan to prepaid has really saved my family alot in this tough economy. We all do different things in order to cut down and Net10 has made a significant difference. We even entered in Net10’s new contest in order to win some extra cash. Any little bit helps out. Thanks Net10!

  8. Comment by treasia — July 25, 2010 @ 5:29 am

    yes this phone is in fact crazy neat and beautiful but too bad this particular straight talk phone is not available in certain parts of the united states ex~ charleston sc this phone is not available because it simply does not work

  9. Comment by jak — September 16, 2010 @ 11:47 am

    the touchscreen for the $300 price tag is a peace of crap people today wants vibrant lowend cheap phones …why is smartphones so highh??? imagine straight talk prepaid on verizons 3g network haveing the same abilities as the droid. that would prob. draw 1oo.s too thousands of people to straight talk .. what i dont understand… if spring is tied in with boost mobile and virgin mobile, and straight talk is tied with verizon and trac phone… i dont understand why verizon just dosnt offer an UNLIMITED EVERYTHING plan such as apps data calling mesaging web 3g if people can pay 140 a month for iphone and droid plans , why dont they come out with prepaid everything plains for atles 80 or 90 a month . boostmobile started this whole $50 a month stuff… and someone needs to come up with the next big thing…. how about prepaid droid?? or atlest one prepaid 3g smart phone on straight talk???? boostmobile cdma if you in country such as in Alabama the city parts such as birmingham etc ok.. but citys such as Talladega or little rural areas it SUCKS!! it drops your call everytime you make or recive one i bet since i was 13 iv spent over 2 K Just on phones period from prepaid services because you have to go through all this “credit” stuff and number one im not of age to have a forreal monthy pay plain, i hope sumone looks into this

  10. Comment by pbushx2 — September 17, 2010 @ 4:25 pm

    Hi Jack, I agree that the Finesse is not worth the money. I actually just found out about a way to get a prepaid droid – respond to this comment if you’re interested in learning more.

  11. Comment by nick topolski — October 23, 2010 @ 12:02 pm

    how do i get a pre paid droid i want one!!

  12. Comment by pbushx2 — October 24, 2010 @ 11:12 pm

    I would suggest a service called Page Plus. They allow users to bring their own devices. So you could go out and buy a used Droid, and activated it on Page Plus. I’m not very familiar with their plans, but I think they have a few different options including a 1200 min/1200 text plan for about $25. I’m not sure how much data is on that plan. Just make sure whatever phone you use, is not under contract and was previously a Verizon phone.

  13. Comment by Nicci — January 22, 2011 @ 4:55 pm

    oh sweeeeeet this is really great. I actually have had a different experience in rural areas. Im from nc and i drive for work all the time and the service on straight talk has been fantastic. THere are a ton of verizon and at&t towers I blieeve on the main roads so driving on “dirt Roads” has been no problem. I still maintain a totallly great signal. ( and i pay half of others! woo hooo!)!!

  14. Comment by Jenkin — January 25, 2011 @ 5:17 am

    And then all of sudden straight talk take away the option of having a smartish phone on the verizon network, just when I was getting geared to upgrading my st phone. Then along come two smarty nokias, and I start bleating about not having a smart cdma option for the unlimited plan, and they reintroduce the phone…at the same price, a year later. I’ve waited this long for a nice cdma st option, I’ll carry on waiting.

  15. Comment by Judy Long — January 30, 2011 @ 3:30 pm

    I can not find this in Walmart nor on the Straight Talk website. I would like to see one in person. I am very interested in purchasing, but need to see or at least it be on the website. It seems as though this is a phantom phone. Please advise. my email is Thank you, Judy Long

  16. Comment by Faythe — February 1, 2011 @ 8:01 am

    I am looking to find this phone but walmart does not carry it anymore does anyone know of anyone or company that is selling this phone im so serious

  17. Comment by Johnny Thomas — February 5, 2011 @ 9:27 am

    I’ve had a cell phone forever and have been on many different plans over the years.You know I’ve never considered myself to be very smart,butit seems to me if net 10, straight talk and these other prepaids can offer an unlimited plan for 45.00 for everything. I stopped by my verizon store to check on upgrading my phone and with a straihgt face was told the unlimited plan was 125.00 per month . That as anyone knows does’nt include all the other taxws and charges.(WOW) And thats not all , we’ve been brainwashed to beleive 400.00 is a great price to pay for 2 year contract with an out dated smart phone. All I’m saying in a economy as today tell me Verizon ,AT&T or Spint does not have a better answer.Sorry This just pisses me off!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Comment by Carmita — February 9, 2011 @ 9:08 am

    Each person owns what is needed. I needed to save and Straight Talk gave me the chance, and amazing deals that save you as soon as you switch from the contract cell company. I have the Samsung R355c that works very well for me and the $45 a month unlimited plan. I never paid that per month, the closest I got to paying that was $90 for myself alone, my husband and son paid less because of a so called Family Plan. I search at Wal-mart several cellphones and decided to give ST a try. Is perfect for my daily use and am saving.

  19. Comment by Gene — February 12, 2011 @ 7:25 pm

    I don’t see that Samsung Finesse phone on Straight Talk website… can I still get it?

  20. Comment by shaquala bell — February 21, 2011 @ 1:45 pm

    why is this so much money n can i get a touch thats on sale for not alot if so please call my stright talk phone at ***-***-**** thank you in have a good day

  21. Comment by Mike — February 23, 2011 @ 10:18 am

    Straight talk is great besides the crappy cheap low end phones and the new “3g smart phones” runs off the att network so they suck periods dont wast your money and for the $300 price tag on the BASIC touch screen phone that really low end too is a little high service is great Tech Support gives you more problems than congreess but its a very good service considering every other dropped call with att :)

  22. Comment by pbushx2 — February 23, 2011 @ 12:44 pm

    Hi Shaquala
    I don’t know why this phone is so much, and I don’t think it’s worth it. If you have AT&T coverage in your area, I definitely recommend the Nokia E71 instead, if you can find one. The downside with that one is that you’ll be forced to pay $45/month (plus a few fees and taxes). Since it’s a true smart phone, Straight Talk will not let you use it with the cheaper plan.

  23. Comment by pbushx2 — February 23, 2011 @ 12:47 pm

    Hi Gene
    I don’t think it’s available any more, and anyway I wouldn’t recommend it (see my response to Shaquala below).
    If you really really want one, you might try looking on eBay (click here).

  24. Comment by CMW — February 26, 2011 @ 3:11 pm

    I have had StraightTalk for 1 1/2 years now, and I have been completely satisfied. I live in OKC, OK, and I have traveled by car to SC, MS, and AL. I have NEVER had an issue with dropped calls or dead zones. I recently upgraded from the R451c to the Nokia E71 SmartPhone. My son has an awesome Droid, and my phone can do more than his!! I use the internet on my phone on a regular basis. I have gotten rid of my home phone due to the $45 a month unlimited everything I get from StraightTalk. When traveling I can also use my E71 as a modem for my laptop.

  25. Comment by Julie — February 28, 2011 @ 8:35 pm

    The only cell coverage I get is Verizon at my house…do any prepaid services roam on the Verizon network?

  26. Comment by Frankie11 — February 28, 2011 @ 8:53 pm

    This makes me so happy. The plans are awesome (and cheap!) and now finally there are getting cooler phones as well. One of my favorite things is the ability to swtich back and forth each month on the plan based on how many minutes i think i am going to need, its just another plus.

  27. Comment by pbushx2 — March 8, 2011 @ 3:21 pm

    TracFone, Net10, and Straight Talk all do – you’ll need to be sure to get a phone whose model number ends in “c” to indicate that it uses the CDMA network like Verizon does.

    Another option would be Page Plus, although that one is a little more complicated to get started.

  28. Comment by Johnny — March 23, 2011 @ 12:04 pm

    What? touch screen on straighttalk. I guess they have been listening to all those negative comments about no advanced cellphones and stuff. Man and they still keep the same prices, like the unlimited $45/month plan? They are crazy, but that is better for us so thank you straighttalk :) been a loyal costumer for the past 2 months hahaha

  29. Comment by Pashles — March 29, 2011 @ 3:37 pm

    it’s really interesting to see how many people are switching to pre paid these days. i am looking into it to save some cash because my bill is just so high each month and i could save around $50 a month by being in a deal like the $45 unlimited plan with straight talk…

  30. Comment by phone guru — April 26, 2011 @ 2:15 pm

    sorry people but verizon is one of them but att is trac phone. Other words its basically att. There are new smartphones now like the nokia E71 which i have and recommend with speeds blazing at 3.5G internet thats half way to 4G ppl! Sorry but ill take my chances with straight talk and bwsides nokia runs the ovi store and its market apps is huge. There alot of stuff worth your money there trust me

  31. Comment by Cheryl Lacasse — April 27, 2011 @ 6:41 pm

    Hello all,
    I am interested in this phone but do not know where to get one. I have not been able to find one on the Straight Talk site. I using the Square Up credit card reader and was hoping this would work. I do not want to go through the major cell carriers and pay over $100.00 a month for what I need.
    Any info would be so useful.

  32. Comment by Dave Starr — May 12, 2011 @ 11:25 pm

    I have had straight talk for a few months and loved it at first when i got it i had one of their phones that was on verizon network so i purchased a nokia 6790 with all the great stuff on it but i was unaware that it only worked on att network and im dropping calls all the time they need to make a smart phone that has all the great features as the 6790 that works on verizon network.

  33. Comment by Micah — May 17, 2011 @ 2:01 pm

    I’ve had straight talk before and loved it. However, my friends convinced my to get the iphone. My payments are ridiculous and I want to switch back to Straight talk. I reviewed Page Plus, because it is cheaper than straight talk, but they do not accept iphones…I would like a touch phone but I do not want to pay $200-300 for a new phone. Julie you said Nokia E71 SmartPhone works well. Can you download apps from straight talk? Does anyone suggest a phone that I would like?

    Thank You,

  34. Comment by pbushx2 — May 20, 2011 @ 9:42 am

    Micah, the E71 is $200, so that might rule it out for you. You might want to check out the upcoming Samsung t528g, which is a touch screen. I don’t have a release date yet, but I expect it to be this spring some time. And I expect that it will cost probably around $100. Here’s some more info about that phone:

    The apps available for the E71 are through NOkia’s Ovi store, which has some nice apps (both free and paid) but definitely not NEARLY as many iPhone or Android.
    On the 528g, there will be support for java-based apps. They may end up seeming rudimentary compared to iOS apps.
    One other thing I’d recommend is buying a used Verizon-based android handset (something like the incredible or Droid X) on Craigslist or eBay, then use it with Page Plus’s 1200 talk/text plan, which I think is around $30/month. You’ll have to watch your data usage with that one, though.

  35. Comment by pbushx2 — May 20, 2011 @ 9:47 am

    Not sure what you mean by “att is trac phone.” TracFone has two different types of phones: the GSM devices end with a “g” in their model name and operate on the GSM network owned largely by AT&T and T-Mobile, although there are smaller regional carriers. CDMA devices have a “c” at the end of their model name, and will run on the CDMA network owned by Verizon (and, again, smaller regional carriers).

  36. Comment by Annie Robinson — May 22, 2011 @ 6:55 pm

    I like the new touch screen. I just want another phone. I wish I can get one.

  37. Comment by blstern03 — June 2, 2011 @ 3:00 am

    ok thanks everyone for the great info..ive used straight talk for bout a year now and need to buy new phone and want to make right decision. should i go with a used droid and check out this page plus service? ST has been good but would really like a smart phone . reading good reviews on E71. Is the total monthly fee still 45$ mo.? and around 200$ new to buy? can u find those cheaper like on ebay or auction site.? I dont have experience other than buying samsung originally when started with ST yr. ago….Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!!

  38. Comment by Joe — June 2, 2011 @ 7:27 am

    The thing that gets me is that Straight Talk is constantly advertising 3G Smartphones. They have very few smartphones like the Nokia E71 and this Samsung. Almost all the phones use Edge Technology, which was designed for 2G networks, which can access a 3G network. It is like sitting at a stop sign and waiting your turn to enter the network. Yet I would not pay their prices on the smartphones they do have when you can purchase Android 2.2 for under 200. I imagine Edge 2G will be around for awhile, but most the carriers are changing 2G technology to access their networks. I like straight talk and fairly good coverage in Kansas untill the phone decides to switch to a Tmobile network. Then it is drop calls and no service. I have never used this Samsung and I know from experience with Samsung products they put out a fairly good product, except the camera. I would say drop calls and lack of service with it is the network it is on or switching to. Something we have no control over.

  39. Comment by linda j howard — June 8, 2011 @ 4:17 pm

    my husband and i would like,an order form on this smart phone, the finesse 810. we want to check it out befroe we order them and all their features.

  40. Comment by billb — June 28, 2011 @ 4:38 am

    I have owned the nokia e71 for several months, I can do more on this phone than any device for 45$ a month period

  41. Comment by pbushx2 — June 29, 2011 @ 11:02 am

    I would NOT recommend buying the E71 on eBay. Go to Walmart and get a new, unopened phone. It seems they’re not selling it on Straight Talk’s site any more.

  42. Comment by pbushx2 — June 29, 2011 @ 11:03 am

    Linda, this phone is no longer available for sale anywhere, except maybe ebay if you are lucky enough to find one. But those would be VERY expensive.

  43. Comment by dave — August 5, 2011 @ 11:38 pm

    So im a current verizon customer & im sik of there rates. I have a droid incredible can i use it with straight talk?

  44. Comment by marilyn robinson — August 9, 2011 @ 2:28 pm

    Do not have this touch screen in cdma which is verizon cuz at & t sucks the big one where I live in rural Geogia…would like a touch screen that works on verizon thru staright talk cuz my daughter has been with them for 6 years and has had the same phone and has had no problem other than tech support who could use alittle schooling in how to speed up the process.

  45. Comment by pbushx2 — August 14, 2011 @ 12:54 am

    Hey Marilyn, you might be in luck soon. Check out this blog post:

  46. Comment by pbushx2 — August 14, 2011 @ 12:58 am

    Hi Dave
    You can not, but there is a service called Page Plus that uses the Verizon network and allows you to bring over your old vzw phone (assuming you’re not under contract with vzw anymore). They have a plan that is 1200 minutes, 1200 texts, and 100mb of data for $30. The 100mb is definitely the biggest negative about this plan. There are rumors about that number going up to maybe 200mb or even 250, but for now it’s set at 100mb. If you use a lot of wifi, you can get by on 100mb. You can also add more data at the rate of something like $10 for 66mb (pretty expensive per-mb).
    Also, I just heard this rumor about an Android phone (Samsung Galaxy Precedent) coming to Straight Talk in mid-September. Check for a soon-to-be released blog post about that.

  47. Comment by Shanice — August 30, 2011 @ 10:27 am

    i have been with Straight Talk for about 2 1/2 yrs and i cn say , im pretty content with it. the signal gets a little iffy sometimes but other than that it’s awesome . i’ve had the E71 for a couple of months , but idk wat all the hype is about . other than being able to use your phone to supply internet for your pc or laptop , i dont really find the phone that interesting. i was looking forward to gettin one of the new touchscreens but it does’nt seem like their much either.

  48. Comment by KbP — September 18, 2011 @ 4:24 pm

    So this phone runs off of Verizon’s network?

  49. Comment by pbushx2 — September 19, 2011 @ 11:34 am

    It DOES use the Verizon network, but it’s been very hard to find this model for sale lately. You might find it on eBay, but it has been available from Straight Talk or Walmart for well over a year.

  50. Comment by BP — October 3, 2011 @ 7:33 pm

    ok… why are only certain phones available in my area thru straight talk??

  51. Comment by pbushx2 — January 19, 2012 @ 5:32 pm

    Straight Talk uses various carriers for its service, including Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon. Not all phones are compatible with all carriers. And not all carriers offer coverage in all areas. So Straight Talk will offer you only the phones that will actually get a signal in your area (based on the ZIP code you enter when you get to their site).

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